Facilitation and Workshops

… Making the most of precious time with key people, we work as a catalyst to spark new thinking, forge strong relationships and crystallise new priorities …

Do you need to get to a new and shiny strategy, set a clear vision for the future, embed a change in culture or generate a bank of new and fresh ideas?

Whatever your priority, we help you get the most value from a session, whether it’s a 3-hour meeting or a 3-day workshop. We plan and choreograph meticulously, using creative exercises and using a mix of visual and verbal stimulus to help provoke and realise ideas. Just as important, we’re attuned to changes in the room, so that if something unexpected crops-up and needs attention we can adapt and flex to accommodate it.

We keep up people’s energy levels, and we capture and challenge along the way. You get maximum value from the time spent together, and have a tangible learnings to take forward.

We ran a series of 3-hour workshops For Tesco and their communication agency to get to new ideas on the meaning of ‘every little helps’ across all areas of the business.

“I worked with Lizzie to run some cross functional innovation workshops at Tesco. Lizzie was excellent at both their set-up and delivery, helping structure the days, sharing tips from past experiences, keeping energy up on the day and creating some fun and thought provoking exercises.

Feedback and quality of output from the workshops was excellent, and working with Lizzie made the co-ordination of teams across departments and suppliers really simple. I would definitely recommend Lizzie and use her again.”

James Burton-Lee, Senior Customer Strategy Manager, Tesco

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The V&A – a new five year strategy

The V&A had a new 5-year strategy. Two departments, HR and IT, wanted to run sessions on what the new goals meant for them and to set out their goals for the coming year. They also wanted the sessions to be immersive and fun. We ran a 1-day session, experiencing how to work well as a team. Then we explored where the team was currently and where they wanted to go. We identified the steps needed to achieve their vision and the team created their objectives and personal commitments for the next three months.

Eptica – a fast growing software company

This is a fast-growing software company and Lizzie first ran a workshop for them in 2011. In 2016 they asked us back. The company had achieved many of the objectives set out at the session five years previously, and now wanted to work with the Management team to set a clear vision for 2021 and the goals that would achieve it. The group was diverse, and some individuals were quite skeptical. Using various techniques, we created a vivid picture of what the future might look like and the implications for today and the next three years; both for the business overall and for each of the core business areas. We also had a visual facilitator (who has done a number of the visuals on this site) to bring it all to life as we went.

The Economist – departments, agencies and new audiences.

We worked with various internal departments at The Economist and their agencies, to help come up with new ideas for reaching two particular audiences that had so far proven elusive.

20th Century Fox – forging dynamic relationships

A new and dynamic relationship needed to be forged within the Finance team. They had a new leader and needed to bond internally and work together, rather than in silos, to set the way forward as a group. The team came out of the session with a renewed sense of energy and direction, plus a fresh perspective on how to approach their work. They came up with some new ideas through working on their ‘real stuff’ in a way that was fun, engaging and rewarding.

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