About Lizzie Palmer

What drives you?

As a facilitator, storyteller and brand consultant, I love to help brands, businesses, brilliant minds and bodies to blossom and bloom.

What do you deliver for clients?

Primarily, clients come to me for core learning experiences that will increase the power of communications, relationships and change.
I custom-design workshops that deliver tangible results in many areas, from getting to vision and strategy to team-building.

Your approach?

I strongly believe in the power of learning and creating, by doing and experimenting. I am a facilitator, storyteller and brand consultant.

I always try to stretch and challenge a group, and to make every session energising and fun. Helping people step out of their comfort zones (without feeling uncomfortable) means they co-create and connect in ways that surprise themselves and each other.

Balancing experimentation with experience

There are myriad techniques, and I’m always learning and experimenting. Any new tool I introduce, I make sure it will deliver the results my client needs.

Reassuring numbers and names

I have facilitated hundreds of sessions, with groups from 2 people to 250+, including co-creation sessions.

And I’m lucky enough to have worked with clients including:

BBC, NHS, Philips, GE, Orange, British Gas, Nike, Just Eat, DDB, Hall & Partners, 20th Century Fox, the Office of Rail Regulation and Sky.

What sort of questions do you get asked?

Here are some of the big ones:

How can we develop a set of values that have meaning and aren’t just words on a page?

How can we engage our audiences better?

We need to tell better stories – how do we do that?

What’s the best way to get to our objectives and strategy for the coming year and build the team?

How do we become a trusted advisor to our clients?

Your career path?

I first went into advertising and worked in several agencies; learning how to project-manage, the power of relationships, how to express a point of view and present creative work.

I then became a client, at Capital Radio, Discovery and Orange. This side of the fence, I learned to juggle priorities, the importance of knowing who you are and what you stand for. I also grasped the ‘joys’ of international travel, and dealing with cultural (global and local) issues.

Lessons learned?

I realised my real love lies in working with people and discovering what makes them tick; whether as consumers, as a team and/or colleagues.

Taking the leap

This led me to go out on my own, facilitating workshops and training. I now work across the world; facilitating, training and consulting, acting as a catalyst and building bridges between the arts and businesses.

Your background?

I’m the third child of advertising parents of the ‘Mad Men’ era, and my curiosity began early. I was fascinated by the stories my dad told and the ‘mini stories’ of the ads I watched on telly.

I realised that the ones that worked were the ones that moved me in some way. A particular favourite was The Guardian Newspaper’s ‘Points of View’ ad.